Friday, June 26, 2009

Camp: Week 2

Another fun week at camp with a focus on teddy bears, volcanoes, toys, and acting. My stepson, Nick came with his remote-control plane for a demonstration. Hilarity ensued after a crash landing!

Darcy, our PE teacher and I hosted the 2-3 class to a campfire cookout - it was an item at the Parker auction. The kids went wild in mud, collected firewood, played a marathon pop-up penguins, concocted delicious foil dinners and gorged on banana boats and s'mores.

Sean Fagan's acting camp premiered scenes from "Oliver" and "Annie" - it was a moving and rousing success.

Friday, June 19, 2009


What a week! Camp was all about alternative powered vehicles. It culminated today with a vehicle rally. We had plug-ins, hybrids, diesel, and even the Honest Weight Co-op Grease Bus that runs on vegetable oil from Bombers Burritos.

The kids had worked all week on their own vehicles: gravity powered, balloon powered, rubber band powered and even fuel cell powered. The sun came out at last this afternoon and the solar cars were flying.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Having fun is a valuable 21st Century skill

Just one week has passed? So much has happened in school life it's hard to believe!

Field Day dawned rainy, but the rain cleared and water events, climbing tower, and ice cream sundae bar ensued! Eighth graders beat the teachers at soccer 3 to 0 - despite Natalie's heroic (but unfortunately illegal) efforts.

On graduation day, twin maple trees were planted, one in memory of Gene Valle, Max's dad and Lynn Scheiner's husband, and one the eighth grade gift. In future years when we sit in the shade of these beautiful trees, we will feel Gene's spirit. His commitment to work days and his dedication to making Parker the best it could be will not be forgotten.

At graduation our eighth graders made us proud with beautifully written and spoken speeches. Their sentiments reflected love of their friends as well as appreciation for their teachers. They spoke of learning about themselves and finding confidence from the challenge of writing a thesis. The strongest theme was the fun they all had together. There is nothing more valuable for their future success than intellectual curiosity, resiliency, making and keeping true friends, and the ability to have fun.

The fun continued with the limbo at the graduation dance!

Now, nine weeks of summer camp have begun. There is an alternative-fuel vehicle rally planned for Friday as part of Energy Quest. Kids are making vehicles of all kinds and several local companies will bring the latest ethanol, hybrid and diesel autos - come join the fun!

Friday, June 5, 2009

An exuberant day

Exuberance describes this day! The excitement has been building all week and finally this morning arrived. At assembly pre schoolers performed, K-1's danced in African garb, and 4-5's shared their moving and funny immigrant stories. We sang Lean On Me, the baton was passed to the new Fun Fact team, tears were shed, and laughs were shared.

Afterward were shows of work in K-1 and 2-3 with a blacksmith shop and wigwam, a beaver being dressed by the audience, demonstrations of butter making (and eating), an African safari and village marketplace. There was a picnic with ethnic food and a bowl of Three Sisters salad. Buddies shared a tasty dessert and lots of time together at recess. At the graduation singing rehearsal everyone sounded beautiful.

Next week brings field day, a Pre K picnic, and graduation. How did the year rush by? Why does time passing seem so surprising?


It was so great to see old friends! We love our alumni!! They are amazing kids with so many wonderful things going on. Thank you to all who came by.

Their stories include becoming a playwright, graduating from Bryn Mawr and Bowdoin, attending Hamilton, getting the top grades in their high school in several advanced classes, and working for a think tank in Washington D.C. They are staying connected with Parker friends - and making us all so proud!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Post script

I had so much fun having a Director for the Day! My young friend was like a politician besieged by favor-seekers and a celebrity hounded for autographs. And he handled it with grace! One note: Maurice's visit to the office was convincingly staged. When Jackson asked Maurice why he was talking in class, Maurice said, "Because it was funny!" Jackson told him, "Still, some funny things are inappropriate." Wisdom from a third grader.