Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Testing the water

The Tech Driven Classroom Is Here, But Grades Are Mixed tells the interesting tale of what the studies show  - and don't show  - about student learning and technology.  It is interesting that having a one-on-one laptop program doesn't necessarily improve students' skills. 

We just purchased several new laptops and desktops for students and teachers with the funds raised by parents at the auction this May.  Everyone is excited about having better access to computers.  We are not on the bleeding edge with our use of technology, but adapting and experimenting - finding out what works best.  Animation, robotics, videos, blogs, skype, websites, design programs, Google docs... Students and teachers are trying all these and more.  We will be dedicating professional development time in the coming year to find out about glogs, jing, screen casts, voice thread - I just like typing the names.

There is so much and it's hard to drink from a bucket - but fun to try!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The joy of returning

Collecting honey from the hives
Extracting delicious honey
Sleepover at Survivors Camp - they survived!
The rocket launch
Dinosaurs in my office!
I loved being on vacation, but how I love being back!  Here are a few shots from camp in the last week.