Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Communicating in new and old ways

Yesterday our teachers met for a workshop on "How to Blog" with parent Alejandra Pickett. The goal was for everyone to leave with a blog. Almost everyone did!

We are moving step-by-step into the future with our communicating. In the next few months, I believe parents will be able to log onto class blogs for the latest in photos, news, and student work. Blogs really do have the potential to give students an audience. And they can give parents and others who are interested a real glimpse of what is going on.

Maybe all the new blogs will make this blog obsolete! But I hope not - I really enjoy the sharing aspect of posting photos and thoughts.

Today's pictures show Hunter in K-1 working on color mixing and the 4-5 class making beautiful covers for their poetry books. K-1 will host a celebration of their work on animal habitats on December 19. 4-5 will be performing a poetry slam at assembly this Friday.

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