Tuesday, December 18, 2007


We started a tradition a few years ago of having an assembly dedicated to peace as our last program before winter break. Children sing, they read poetry about peace and other reflections on peace that they have written. For the final song, the middle school students light candles. This year we also stood holding hands around the perimeter of the gym and passed a hand-squeeze of peace to feel connected and celebrate our community. It was quiet and sweet.

In a school that holds families of many different backgrounds and religious traditions, we try to be sensitive to children's feelings of being included. Especially in the lower grades, families are encouraged to come to school and share their traditions. In Pre K last week , Astrid, who is from Sweeden, brought her family in and shared her St. Lucia tradition, in her white dress with a headress of candles.

A peace assembly that includes candles joins a tradition of light that is part of many cultures and religions. A message of peace is one that even our youngest children can understand and participate in. I hope that this tradition grows and matures in the coming years!

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