Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seventh grade movie night

At the Scholarship Auction, seventh grade parents (last year's sixth) were the highest bidders for "Campfire Dessert and Giant Outdoor Movie with Meg." Big Sky Screens had donated a showing and combined with my fine campfire culinary talents, it garnered big bids!

We had so much fun. Last night was beautiful - a respite from our recent thunderstorms. Most of the class could come, and they leaped around in the woods and fields collecting firewood and chasing a giant frisbee. They gorged themselves on s'mores and banana boats (me too.) As nighttime fell we donned glow necklaces, grabbed some popcorn and settled on our blankets for Back to the Future on the humongous inflated movie screen. We swatted at mosquitoes, chased fireflies, and declared the night the "most fun of the summer!"

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