Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To see what we could see

K-1's went outside this morning with science teacher Katie Perry to see what they could see. The first thing they saw was a snake! Then a huge spider, maybe a wolf spider. Katie got it into a jar for further observation. Little crickets were hopping all around and the kids captured a few.

An article in the latest Newsweek features "green" education that doesn't have to cost a lot. Studies reinforce what we know at Parker already, that nature-based learning is powerful. The article says "teachers with green lesson plans use the natural world as a tool, like leading a study on an ordinary stream, which can include language, math, and social studies." It teaches them to be good citizens and good thinkers.

As an educational researcher in the article says, "If you take kids outside, it typically engages them..." Judging from Parker kids, I'd agree.

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