Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Special Friends

The Pre K Harvest Feast and Special Friends Day is filled with food, smiles and music. I look forward to the pumpkin bread with chocolate chips (baked personally by preschoolers!) every year. 4-5 Buddies join their Pre K friends and families for the feast and a few songs.

In the afternoon all the kids put on a rousing musical performance. This year the middle schoolers performed a very cool rhythm and movement piece.

My special friends were Jamie and Coleman in K-1 who regaled me with stories of learning to read the words cat and rat, and things they will never forget, like jumping up three stairs.

At lunch I sat with preschooler Sarah and her fifth grade buddy Hannah. Sarah's grandfather confessed, "If I'd known how much fun grandchildren were, I would have skipped having kids and jumped right to grandkids!" Hannah remarked to me in confidence, "That wouldn't actually work."

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