Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learning in earnest

We are right back in the swing of things after February Break. It does seem like the year is flying by! Thesis writing and dressing like princesses have begun in earnest.

Teachers had a truly worthwhile professional development day on Monday with Robert Greenleaf of Greenleaf Learning. Bob is an international specialist in applying brain research to classroom practice. He gives teachers methods to help students maximize long term memory and recall.

The key is that learning must have meaning. Out-of-context activities won't cut it - the information just won't stay in our brains. For long term retention, information must have relevance. That is already something that our project-based program gives students, and that drill-and-kill and test-based programs can't accomplish.

Another Greenleaf tenet is "The one who does the work is the one who learns." Useful at home as well as school!

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