Friday, April 24, 2009

Looking through the lens

This week had Earth Day right in the middle of it. The day turned out to be a pretty one and kids planted seeds and bushes and tested the water in the creek.

Self-portraits are under way - an annual art project. 3rd graders had math outside in the sun today.

Sean Fagan arrived on Tuesday and Shakespeare in its many variations has begun. From Othello to "All the world's a stage" the creative process of turning language into drama comes alive. In 8 days Sean takes the seed of an idea with each class and grows it into a full performance with everyone taking part. The excitement is palpable.

And that's not all! 2-3's are building a Mohican wigwam and a Dutch dwelling replete with artifacts. K-1's are putting together a safari and an African market place. 4'5's are following Lewis and Clark, 6-7's are planning a week of bridge building while 8th graders are planning their trip to Philadelphia. Thesis work is full swing. Pre K is exploring how they have grown.

Down the office corridor Auction planning is running wild; in the hallways the book fair is capturing imaginations; the alumni edition of our on-line newsletter is being published today; camp registrations are flowing in; swallows are nesting in the bird boxes.

The kaleidescope is ever changing!

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