Saturday, November 7, 2009

A memorable meeting

Last Sunday a group of people got together who are all advocates for Parker, our Head's Advisory Committee. Some are past parents, some past trustees - all are good friends of the school. We meet two times a year to share what's new at Parker and to get advice and ideas. This group is a valued resource for the school.

We took a wonderful hike on the new trails, led by Kurt Arnold, parent and trustee, who has spearheaded the trails effort with great enthusiasm and determination. It was beautiful - we all marveled at the trail work and delighted in the variety of trees and terrain that are now accessible.

After the hike we sat around the library table for updates and discussion. Suddenly it became apparent that some uninvited guests had accompanied us back from our walk - ticks! We checked each other and laughed ( a bit uneasily!) and seem to have found them all. It is the most abundant collection we've seen - perhaps a result of the warm day.

It was a memorable meeting!

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