Friday, December 18, 2009

Show of depth

A beautiful Peace Assembly today full of song, spirit, and light.

The Show of Work in 2-3 and K-1 made everyone proud with the depth and breadth of the experiences. 2-3 students demonstrated chlorophyll and turbidity testing from their Hudson River study. They shared a food web of Hudson River life, their essays on scientific testing, their point-of-view poems, their grand mural.

K-1's animal habitats were detailed and lush. Their animal posters were filled with information and color.

4-5's narrated their Native American legend PowerPoints on Wednesday. The stories held humor, irony, suspense. They shared foods, artifacts, games, jewelry and long houses.

I am struck by the high level of communication and the happy competency the children show. One kindergartner when I asked him how he knew that opossums have 52 teeth said, "I did research on Carol's computer and read a book." Of course!

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George said...

WOW, Great stuff. This makes me proud to be part of this school.