Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New ideas on Planet Parker

A Planet Parker kick-off event was held last week. We had a panel discussion about things that have an impact on the environment such as biofuels, land use, using green products, and legislation. Panelists from the DEC, NYSERDA, Albany Law School, and the Department of Parks spoke about their areas of expertise. Students from grades 2 through 8 asked informed questions. The discussion was fascinating, highlighting the complexity of the issues in environmental, political, and economic terms. Beth Meer of the DEC left the students with the charge to "Learn as much as you can about science and how our Democracy works. You will be the ones to make a difference!"

Along these lines, students celebrate our new tumbling composting bin - everyone can add to it from the small bins distributed around the school. These items are the result of a NYSERDA grant for our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle project.

K-1's are studying birds this winter. They made observational drawings and wrote about feathers and their similarities and differences in science class.

This year Pre K has a new schedule of snack foods. Fruits, vegetables, and their own homemade breads are the fare. Everyone has tried new things and most are very happy with the healthy changes. Tomatoes look a little suspicious, but most happily popped them in!

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