Tuesday, May 4, 2010

STEM Challenges

On Friday, 6-7's took their cars into the sun!  The Solar Vehicle Challenge had been several weeks in development, and now, with the cars out of the hallways and onto the road, the ultimate test was on.  6-7's learned much about velocity, torque, gear ratios, batteries v.s. solar and lots more - that, really, they will have to explain to you because it is way beyond my knowledge base!

This week their creative juices are turned to a new challenge.  While the 8th graders are in Philadelphia, 6-7's will dedicate their week to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math).  The charge:  Develop a prototype rocket for commercial "space-tourism"  Three-person teams (project manager, ad manager, and admin asst - roles changing daily) must design a rocket to be launched through a suspended hula hoop.  They will design a commercial to market their project to consumers.   Their rocket needs to go through NASA certification.  At the end:  a film or skit presentation and a day of rocket launching!

The week is supplemented with an ethics workshop.  And the kids in Philadelphia think they will be busy learning new things!

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