Friday, November 12, 2010

Creative minds at work

This You Tube video was made by three of our middle school students.

Here's the assignment:
Students researched and presented what they felt were important inventions and discoveries from their lifetimes. Expanding from discoveries, the 6th and 7th graders were then challenged to, in groups, choose the "greatest" scientist to research and present. 

They spent several days researching scientists, weighing options, and organizing information. Writing research papers as individuals and collaborating on skits in groups, they delved into the lives and works of lesser known scientists and justified why these men and women are great. Putting together facts, props, sets, and entertainment, their creative skits highlighted famous discoveries and interesting people. Students employed the same problem solving and creative thinking skills while planning, researching and implementing their papers and skits that they use when creating their own scientific experiments.  

Being completely jealous of the skills shown in this video (if you've seen my video attempts, you know why), I asked the creators about how they learned film-making. Zoe told me she had taken a class last summer at Hudson Valley Community College.  I'm signing up!

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