Friday, December 10, 2010

Capacity, Collaboration, Culture: Empty Bowls

Everyone pitched in, from start to finish.  The 8th grade gleaned vegetables at Hancock Shaker Village, made soup, researched, prepared and presented a program about world hunger, and invited a speaker on local hunger to participate.  Meanwhile, the rest of the school made clay bowls.  Parents and friends came to purchase the bowls with donations that went to Joseph's House in Troy, to help feed families in need.  Funds raised: $1,156! 

And what did everyone learn?  What skills were advanced through this kind of activity?  Not the kind that are taught from sitting at separate desks, memorizing the one correct answer to the question.

In another compelling and animated video, Sir Ken Robinson explains the history of American education, and how we need just three elements in schools to engage children's minds and hearts: Understanding that human capacity is limitless and broad; that collaboration is the stuff of growth; and that a dynamic culture is essential.  

Sounds suspiciously like the Empty Bowls undertaking!

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