Friday, February 11, 2011

Parenting is a relationship

Susan Engel's book just came out today: Red Flags or Red Herrings, Predicting Who Your Child Will Become.   Susan's positive message is that children are pretty much who they are.  Parents can have an influence in guiding them, but can't make their child into someone they're not.   Here she is on Good Morning America. "Parenting is not a job.  It's a relationship!"

Susan will be at Parker on March 23 as part of our Panel Discussion, Educating for 21st Century Success.

I have read her book and I think every parent can take something useful and reassuring from it.

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Anonymous said...

So happy you got the "parenting is not a job; it's a relationship." That gave us a chance to have a moment of shared thoughts, and the opportunity to share them with others. Congrats on your blog! Cef