Friday, August 12, 2011

No brain drain here

"For children, play is work; it is how they learn who they are, what their roles are, what skills they have and how to get along with others," says Deb McGregor of Wisconsin's Children's Service Society.  "One of the best ways to unlock the learning potential in a child is to provide a stimulating environment for creative play, one that is full of sights, sounds, tastes and smells."

Knowing this, we craft a summer experience for children where activities are open-ended - where they can explore friendships as well as new and challenging things like building a rocket or writing a puppet show together. (A lot like the regular school year!)

There are reports about how much learning children loose during the summer. The Brain Drain.  But it's not that simple.   A good summer experience adds to a child's sense of self-sufficiency and stretches them into new and unfamiliar territory.   It gives them relevant background knowledge to draw from.

But what about those kids who don't have access to something exciting?  Food for thought for future Planet Parker programs...

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