Thursday, September 15, 2011

Being smart about technology

Technology has expanded what we do in school in amazing ways.  We can communicate face-to-face in real time with people far away.  We can write, revise, and collaborate in ways unimagined 25 years ago.  We can see the New York Times from 1864.  We can crunch data, design and test a bridge model, and tell a story through video that can be seen around the world in a moment.

But it doesn't replace building the bridge model and seeing if it stands.  Or taking 50 yellow cubes and dividing them into seven cups by hand.

This article from the New York Times, In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores, tells the story of schools seduced by the glamour of technology, but not necessarily using it for better learning.  To do that takes teachers with discriminating intelligence.

Technology transforms learning - if we're smart about it.

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