Friday, December 9, 2011

Volunteers do their share

A Book Fair for the Library and 8th Grade's Oxfam Hunger Banquet were just part of a full week. The Oxfam event raised awareness about world hunger and over $1,024 for hungry people.  Thank you to the 8th grade and all the many guests and volunteers who made Oxfam and the Book Fair successful. 

When you come to Parker you never know what you'll see.  Yesterday as Laura took a visitor on tour, they encountered violin lessons, Band practice, a Pattern Museum in Pre K, and middle school social studies teacher, James, ironing a tablecloth for the Oxfam event!  This morning students sang "MICE, MICE, make it nice - Do your share and show you care..." as they broke into teams to clean the common areas of the school.   MICE stands for Make it Clean Everywhere.  They do!

Then Pre K Planet Parker headed into the woods for a snowy afternoon.

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