Monday, May 7, 2012

Bee swarm

See the swarm of bees clinging to the tree trunk?
Tony poured the bees into a nuke box
I think our bees wanted to come to the Bee Bop!  They swarmed today - but bee keeper and mentor, Tony Antonucci came to the rescue, returning the bees to a nuke box.  He said that sometimes in the spring the queen worries that the hive is too crowded and she bolts - taking the gang with her.  But not to worry - there is plenty of room for everyone in the hive.  Then again, the swarm might be some neighboring bees just stopping by while house hunting.  They're all boppin' in the hive now!

For some truly amazing honey collectors, look at these photos from Nepal and the world's largest honey bees!  Honey Hunters

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