Wednesday, October 3, 2012


There are so many things I think about as I post these pictures from the past week.  Mainly they involve character and how Parker develops students with particular traits.

Parker kids retain their enthusiasm and humor on the soccer field - for them it's about camaraderie and heart, not about the score.  They gain responsibility and joy from their Buddy relationships.  Look in the fourth picture: the 2-3's were negotiating how to accomplish a challenge in Phys ed.  They were able to voice several ideas and decide which one to go with - then go back to the drawing board to try a second time.  They can successfully work together in groups, sharing equipment and ideas.  They are respectful and accepting and excited for each other's successes.

A Parker graduate came to visit the other day - he popped right back into Language Arts class and shared his ideas about a story the class is reading.  The room was filled with the give and take of ideas, sometimes conflicting and often one person's ideas changed the thinking of another, a sign of skilled persuasion and also of intellectual maturity.  This student then spent an hour in the 2-3 class writing a poem with his former buddy.

Giving, passionate, lively, creative - that is a Parker kid.

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