Friday, March 1, 2013

Maximizing the brain's ability to learn

K-1's performed their version of the Jan Brett story The Hat at assembly this morning.  They read the book, adapted it into a play, made their masks in art class, constructed a house and a hedgehog burrow, practiced and performed!  It's a great example of learning that is "doing" and that has great meaning for the students.  They had to work collaboratively, problem-solve and cooperate, master skills in reading, writing, and speaking, and to wrap it all up they had an appreciative audience of peers and parents.  Well done!

Dr. JoAnn Deak, who was here on Monday working with teachers and presenting a program for parents and educators, had this to say, "Every interaction a child has, during the course of a day, influences the adult that child will become.”  She confirmed how we teach by backing it up with the latest in neuroscience research and she challenged us to think about how to educate in today's overly visual world of technology.

JoAnn was, as one teacher put it, "perhaps the best presenter I have ever had the good fortune of hearing!"  She recommended this resource: the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan organized a forum of the 5 best brains in education today and have made the video free for the public on their website.

Many schools have asked parents and teachers to view each of the five 45 minute sections and then come to a discussion.  Sounds like a great idea!  

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