Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Food for thought

Preschoolers make and eat their own "teddy-bear" pancakes.
Could you eat on $4 a day?  For the 16 million American children who live in poverty, getting healthy food is a daily issue.  The Spectrum Theater is showing A Place at the Table tomorrow night at 6:30.  It's a film about three different families in America who are struggling with issues around hunger.

This blog entry from Good Food Matters explores the challenges of eating well on a limited budget in areas where access to healthy food is difficult.  The author suggests several paths of advocacy. 

Here is what we are doing this Spring at school to focus on local hunger/local food and teach our students about plants, food and nutrition:
  • Seventh grade will be serving a spaghetti dinner at  Christ Church Troy United Methodist on Friday, April 26 from 5 - 8 PM to help raise funds for Troy hunger and homeless charities.  
  • The K-1 class has brainstormed a list of non-sugary snacks for classroom celebrations.  
  • On Earth Day we will plant a butterfly way-station to help ameliorate the national problem of disappearing Monarch habitat.
  • All classes will be planting herbs in the next few weeks in science class.
  • The Bee Club has been selling honey from our hives to raise funds for bee keeping costs.
It's all food for thought.

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