Friday, May 24, 2013

The Art of Focus

Camille spoke compellingly about the issue of gay marriage in her thesis presentation.

4-5's read their creative stories about characters both real and fictional revealing historical knowledge about 20th Century immigrant experiences.
Different types of activities require different types of focus - and practice can take us into a zone of "relaxed presence when mind and body are in the same place at the same time" as described by James Fallows in his Atlantic article The Art of Staying Focused in a Distracting World.

Last night and this morning, Parker students showed their growing expertise as public speakers and their focus seemed just right.  With a little bit of nervousness to heighten the senses, students' talks were relaxed and conversational.  They were concise, and that conveyed that vast detail and knowledge had been mastered and distilled.  Future TED talkers!

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