Thursday, January 23, 2014

Proud of our alumni

At the Alumni Assembly on January 10

What makes a Parker education special?  Nine recent Parker grads told us: The freedom to explore, project-based learning, the connection to teachers, the advanced curriculum, the closeness of the community, learning self-motivation. 

These young people are attending colleges like Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and are involved in about a million interesting things. 

Some of their interests:

Soccer, writing a literary magazine, Irish dance, crafting, robotics, engineering, sketch comedy, giving kosher gastronomical walking tours of Budapest, learning Russian, playing guitar, community service, science Olympiad, mentoring, jazz, marching band, unicycling

Some of their Parker thesis topics:

Banned Books, French Cooking, The Evolution of Cosmetics, Mass Produced Food, Video Game Addiction, Fuel Efficient Vehicles, Substance Abuse

We feel so proud of our graduates.  A parent of one just told me that what Parker does best is create leaders.  “It’s the confidence,” he said.  “Parker kids are willing to quietly lead, to help others, to be kind.  It’s part of who they are.”

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