Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Forming a deep connection with teachers and the school is crucial for students' success.

On Saturday, I drove with 4 of our teachers to a workshop by Ned Hallowell.  Dr. Hallowell is a psychiatrist, author and expert on ADHD.  He is a wonderful speaker, and with great compassion, talks about how to best help kids who have, as he says, "a Ferrari brain and bicycle breaks".  

Dr. Hallowell believes that every child should feel a deep connection with school and says that that factor alone is the best predictor of future success.  We all felt affirmed in our beliefs as educators, that it is the connection between child and teacher, and child and school that are keys for good learning to take place.  In fact, it is very hard for kids to learn if they don't feel a personal connection.  At Parker, people say that they can feel it when they walk in the front door - that happy, welcoming, and excited feeling!

It was a great day - a beautiful drive together to Rye, NY.  It's nice to learn new things and to spend time connecting with colleagues.

Check out Ned Hallowell's book, The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness

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