Saturday, September 22, 2007

The kids love to show me things. Rafi found a rock at Rock Island. The 2-3 class was really into mud at recess on Friday, and Pre K got three little finches as class pets.

The weather has been great, so everyone has been taking advantage of the school property, hiking, gathering nature artifacts and garden treasures, doing observational drawings, sorting, questioning and exclaiming. Milkweed pods are opened and the fluff flies everywhere. The laden nature table in K-1 is a focal point of excitement.

There are special places at Parker that have a legendary mystique: Tree Island, Tire Island, and Rock Island. There is the mysterious Swamp Island and no one seems to know where it is.

I visited the kids at Camp Chingachgook on Thursday for the morning. I got many hugs and loved sharing the happy enthusiasm. The funniest thing was watching the dynamic at the lunch table where everyone is encouraged not to waste food. Those who took more than they could eat were helped by a few who delightedly stuffed themselves with left-over grilled cheese crusts and extra sandwich halves. Yum!

I had forgotten my camera! But I'll get a few pictures from others and post them.