Sunday, September 30, 2007

Two circles: Pre K and their 4-5 Buddies join to greet the Pre K bunny, Pebbles; and a few eighth graders meet with James in the gazebo to begin developing ideas for their Salem witch trial.

The teachers meet in a circle every Thursday to plan upcoming events and convene committees and teams. We took time this week to report what we thought was going really well, and what we want to work on in the coming weeks.

The list of things going well was gratifying. The smart and nice new kids, the happy atmosphere in the school, after school sports and other activities, morning meetings, use of the outdoors, Parent Council, parents in general, listening conferences, and Before and After Care, just to give you a few of their ideas. Things to work on include examining the format and time of Meet the Teachers Night and renewing the virus protection on the lab computers.

As I watch in classes and the halls and read teacher newsletters and curriculum write ups, I notice the deepening focus on skills of observation, reflection, cooperation, analysis, innovation and responsibility. This applies to our teachers as practicing educators as well as what they are expecting from the students!

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