Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Flipping through the channels

I walked through the classrooms this afternoon and saw an array of activities. It's almost like flipping the channels on a TV as I go from class to class.

6-7's are studying ancient civilizations in social studies. They were watching a video of Egyptian life as shown through vivid tomb paintings. Some other 6-7's were in the library and computer lab for language arts, putting the finishing touches on essays. ( see above, "Look, it's the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly!")

8's were closely examining rock samples in earth science and discussing organic and inorganic things: is coral organic or inorganic?

In the art room, some 2-3's were beginning to sketch out ideas for how to represent Lake Tear of the Clouds - the origin of the Hudson - for their hall mural. Veda was the greeter and filled me in on what was up.

Other 2-3's were back in the classroom reading silently in comfy spots (on pillows under the counter or behind the shelves!) or taking turns reading aloud to Lynn.

4-5's were thinking and writing: What went into your parents' decision about buying or renting your house or apartment? Earlier I saw them head into the woods to collect leaf samples for science.

I probably had the most fun in Pre K, mainly because I caught the children in a moment of transition where they gathered and told me all about their very very exciting field trip to a farm where they fed baby goats and picked pumpkins and gourds and there were, there were ducks and a pig I saw a pig and Meg I got the bucket with the pellets and tipped it over and the goat ate them!

Their smiles were huge and so was mine.

I get to see all the teachers' wonderful e-newsletters. Our goal this year is to find a format and a way to connect them to the school's website so that everyone can see them. One step at a time!

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