Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The rewards of dedication

4-5's are learning the recorder. They sound wonderful! This enthusiastic group can't wait to play in music class. No one broke concentration as I entered to take their picture - they were listening to each other to make sure they blended their sounds. Impressive! Their debut will be at Spring Sing on April 3.

I visited Peg Parker last week in North Carolina. Peg is the benefactor of our beautiful John C. Parker Library, dedicated to the memory of her late husband who was Robert C. Parker's brother. John was an oncologist at the University of North Carolina Medical Center and an extraordinary man. The two Parker brothers grew up in Chapel Hill after an early start in Connecticut. It was wonderful to walk a little in their footsteps with Peg as the guide.

Peg has been dedicated to helping our young school grow. She has worked to build our endowment funds by a series of gifts - each one pushing us to reach in our fund raising efforts with a challenge or match that inspires others to give. She has an abiding interest in all things sustainable and green, and is a cheerleader for our sustainable energy education initiative.

Persistence, enthusiastic work and dedication - the 4-5's and our friend Peg have these traits in common.

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