Friday, March 28, 2008

Taking risks

David C. graduated from Parker last year and now lives on Long Island. Each Thursday, he comes up to run our computer club. Computer club kids run up the hall to the lab with huge smiles. With a sweet manner, expertise, and enthusiasm, David has created a very special time for the kids in the club.

4254 News, a regular feature at assembly, is the brainchild of Lydia and Jenn, 8th graders. The humorous format includes interviews and some running gags. Their script is well done and their delivery has improved. It has a daffy charm. They have an indulgent audience who laugh right along.

Buddies for Pre K and the 4-5's is after assembly. They start with a circle and a greeting. There is so much excitement about sharing with each other. Older students learn nurturing and patience and the rewards of being role models.

With real responsibility comes real risk. Maybe no one will come to the club. Maybe the show will fall flat. Maybe you don't know how to talk to a four year old.

Children have a chance to try big things here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Meg,
I'm getting hooked on your Parker Blog...I like to see the pictures of the whole community! Plus you write really well. I hope that parents are taking a look...