Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Students intently involved in exploring questions - that's what I saw today around school.

I spoke with Kayu about his thesis topic, "Should college athletes be paid?" There are strong opinions and arguments on both sides. His idea is to leave the question open in his thesis, letting the reader decide.

Seventh grade math class was searching for all the ways to represent a fractional equation. The discussion was lively.

K-1's and 2-3's are both preparing for culminating displays of their work. The task takes organization, synthesis, final decisions, drawing conclusions, and last minute polishing.

The Doctor's office is set up in the Pre K. This is a big topic for our little ones, something they know intimately about. There was much care for sick friends by doctors with blood pressure cuffs and pitchers of medicine, wearing stethoscopes. Tyler was comparing the weight of each of the class babies on two different scales. Then he dumped the last one in a box and ran off to stack blocks.

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