Friday, January 9, 2009

We're back!

Fun in the snow, planning the yearbook, applying for official schoolyard habitat designation...It all comes back to life at school in 2009.

At our faculty meeting teachers shared plans for the spring: 2-3 study : "The Dutch and the Mohicans: A Clash of Cultures." P.E. K - 3 : striking with short and long handled implements (translation: pillow-polo) 4 - 8: team handball. Math 7: "Dishwasher vs paper products for pizza Wednesdays: which is more economical and ecological?" 4-5: "A Family Apart" the orphan train. Social studies 8: Selected thesis topics: "Video game addiction" "Should college sports players be paid?" "The evolution of the image of werewolves over time"

That's just a sampling! Stay tuned...

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