Friday, May 29, 2009

My Day as the Director for the Day!

My name is Jackson. Today I am the guest writer/Director for the Day! I started out by greeting kids as they came into school. After that I got to lead the Twist in Assembly. Also I announced an extra recess and Popsicles for everybody!

While I was in the office, Maurice was sent down from math class because he was talking in class and Shelli told him to go out of the classroom, and he threw an eraser at her!! I told Maurice he needed to apologize to Shelli and I also made him read our school motto.

I led recess today and surprisingly nobody got hurt! Then we went out for lunch at Alexis Diner. I took my best friend, too - Dylan. (See picture #5) We had cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and french fries. It was an awesome lunch!

When we came back it was time for the extra recess. I handed out Popscicles with Dylan to grades Pre K - 8th and the teachers, too! After the extra recess I demanded an hour-long gym class. After that I made this blog!

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive, Jackson! Well done! Will this be a new career for you? If you don't become a director, perhaps you should take up writing. Love, Ellen