Thursday, May 28, 2009


It takes a community. Parents and teachers came on Work Day to build raised beds. On Tuesday K-1's took their plants from the greenhouse and transplanted them to the raised beds. They will tend their garden. Over the summer campers will help. In the fall - a harvest!

Seeing a project from start to finish is one of the simple pleasure of life, I think. I used to tell my children that their reward was the satisfaction of a job well done - often the only reward we get!

I just came from a week of graduations for two of my children - my daughter graduated from Colorado College and my step-daughter from Elon University. I think our whole family feels the satisfaction of a job well done. An ending and a beginning both.

Our eighth graders gave thesis presentations on Project Night last week. 6-7's presented their bridges. Pre K presented a slide show and K - 5 worked on projects with their families - weaving African artifacts, building bows from twigs, and sending a balloon to the moon!

The strong beginnings were evident in the excellent results. The thesis presentations were succinct and done with confidence and flair. Pride was evident in the smiles all around. Showing the beginnings (Pre K slide show) and endings (thesis and bridges) and the middle of things (the process of "doing" in K-5) highlights the satisfaction of a job well done that meaningful learning gives.

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