Monday, September 14, 2009

Learning all the new names

On Sunday we had a community Work Day. Many families and teachers came to mulch the playground, pull weeds, wash windows, organize and rearrange the After Care room, and trailblaze. We pulled some downed trees from the woods to be split for bridges over the creeks. I so appreciate everyone's efforts - taking time from a beautiful day to work at school is giving indeed!

Today the preschoolers arrived for their first full day at school. They look very excited to explore and play with friends. Climber Goldie Cutie, the hamster, is back and subject of much scrutiny. I love this picture of two carpenters - one being Snow White. I heard one little girl ask politely for a friend to move so she could get through. "My Mother told me to use my manners, so I did."

I heard gales of giggles coming from the music room. K-1's were learning a name song accompanied by our new music teacher on guitar. 8th graders in Spanish class tried to trick the new teacher by switching names. Some things in middle school never change!

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