Thursday, September 24, 2009

Great day

Camp Chingachgook is always fun, no matter what. But when the weather is beautiful, ahhh...

I go up on the middle day to check on everyone and to play team building games with the teachers. "Where's my chicken?" wasn't so hard. Getting from chocolate island to peanut butter island by stepping on floating marshmallows was challenging but we did it. But turning our magic carpet upside down while standing on it - that was tough!

Many 4th through 8th graders are a bit nervous as the buses set out. It can be cold. Maybe they're kind of homesick, or worried about the food. The ropes course looked really high last year - scary! The magic of Chingachgook is that everyone has a challenge to conquer - and they do it. The staff, the teachers, and the parent chaperons are enthusiastic and the encouragement the kids give each other is really amazing. There is lots of freedom and many adventures. And the food turns out to be mac n'cheese and jello - yes!

No one is new when the buses return everyone to school. It is a great way to start to the year.

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