Monday, June 14, 2010

Alumni near and far

Our latest alumni!  This was a wonderful class - full of the deep desire to learn. Their group was sweet in nature, too, supporting each other and younger students and bringing a real sense of caring to the middle school.

Parker alumni are pretty awesome.  Here is a link to the totally incredible action video made by Curt Morgan, '96, and a link to his Jackson Hole company, Brain Farm.  Curt was a student who was allowed to stand at his desk at Parker, because he was not so great at sitting.  Susie Merrett remembers that he also started his skate boarding and snowboarding career at Parker. Obviously, motion is inherent to his nature!

Susie Merrett recently heard form Matt Martin, with news on some other Parker alumni:

 Hey Susie,

I don't want to embarrass Tom(my) Dollar, but I thought you might be interested to hear that he's working for, which many consider one of the best political blogs out there:

Dan Sachs is also starting a new job at an exciting clean energy company in San Diego, Sapphire Energy (

Hope all is well in North Greenbush!    ~  Matt

Some recent alumni visitors:  Marcus Haney and John LaRue (with Laura and Carol), and on graduation night, Kelsey, Rachel, Ben, Max and Jack (with Natalie.)

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