Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What they really need

There are so many sights and sounds from the final days of the school year, but Field Day sums it all up - Friends of all ages encouraging each other and laughing together in the Fun Run and all the crazy games.  The camaraderie of the students and teachers.  The smiles.

I'll need to do an email with links to some of the progress report narratives to show the richness of the curriculum, the challenges to higher level thinking, and the exciting ways Parker students are being prepared for 21st Century lives. 

Listening to the 8th graders practice their graduation speeches, I was struck by recurring themes:  the joy of being in a place where they can be themselves and be appreciated for who they are, and where friendship and adventure are valued.  This is what is important to the students at this moment in their lives - and beyond all else gives them the confidence and courage to step into the next stage of their lives. 

As the adults guiding them, we their teachers and parents, can feel proud of the educational excellence that we have so carefully crafted, and the kids can take great pleasure in remembering a place where they got what they needed - acceptance, encouragement, celebration, and space to grow!

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