Friday, October 1, 2010

Assessing a well-educated child

On March 23 we will be holding a panel discussion on Educating for 21stC Success.  One of the panelists is Susan Engel, professor of psychology and education at Williams College.  Here is her recent NY Times Op-Ed piece on more effective ways of measuring learning than the standardized ways.

Susan has written about play as a crucial element in learning and the importance of nurturing creativity - right up our alley.

 She describes the qualities of a "well educated child" - do you agree?

"...we should come up with assessments that truly measure the qualities of well-educated children: the ability to understand what they read; an interest in using books to gain knowledge; the capacity to know when a problem calls for mathematics and quantification; the agility to move from concrete examples to abstract principles and back again; the ability to think about a situation in several different ways; and a dynamic working knowledge of the society in which they live"

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