Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A kind of winning

The fall soccer season ended yesterday - with a flourish!  The other team was a no-show.  Our team cheered.  A forfeit - that's a win!  Making our season 1 and 4.  We held a scrimmage anyway.

This is the first time in some years that we had a full season of competition, so there were a few bugs to work out.  One is balancing a no-cut policy where all team members get to play with the desire to play the best players and get closer to winning.  Darcy wants to play all the kids, but all didn't come to all the games. Should she give preference to those who are the most dedicated?  A good question for us. 

The players had a great attitude.  All had fun.  Learning to be a good sport is a skill for life.  Watching our players delight in the action, help others up and cheer each other on - that's a win.  Go Parker!

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