Thursday, March 24, 2011

It will take imagination, passion and courage

Susan Engel, author and Williams College professor after last evening's panel discussion, 
Educating for 21st Century Success.

The panelists spoke to a packed house.  (Does anyone have a good picture of the panel? Please send it on!)

We need to build a generation of explorers. - Boris Pluskowski
We know how kids learn - It's alarming that our education system doesn't listen!  We need to bring students into the conversation. - Susan Engel
Students are most engaged outside the classroom - how can we bring their inventiveness into school? - Trudy Hall
The education system needs to take a lesson from industry - develop the talent! - Dan Wallace
Who should be at the table? - Karen Hitchcock

It is hard to convey the energy and electricity at last night's panel discussion.  One thing the panelists agreed upon - we all need to work to bring relevance to education in a changing world.

Over 130 people attended and the talk has not stopped.  The panelists challenged our ideas and confirmed others.  They each had a unique perspective that informed and challenged.  Let's continue the conversation!

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