Thursday, March 31, 2011

Young philanthropists

Three boys came to me yesterday to talk about a comic strip they made inspired by The Wimpy Kid.  They were selling it for a dime at recess. They wanted to keep some of the money and give some to a cause.

This led to a conversation about how we don't really sell things at school unless we're raising money for the school or for a cause the class agrees on.  Bracelets for Jambo Jipya School in Kenya and the spaghetti lunch for Joseph's House - two examples they recalled.  I showed them where we record gifts to the school - The Annual Giving Report.  That got their attention!

"You mean if we gave money to the school, we'd get our names in that big thing?"  Then they found their parents names, and names of graduates they knew.  Impressive! "But we just have a little money," they said.  We agreed that lots of little amounts can add up to something big.

They were hooked.  Running to tell their classmates the plan, they returned a moment later with 81cents in hand.  They wanted to give it all to the school, to use where ever it is needed most.  "When I think of it, I can't stop smiling!" said one. 

When you believe in a cause, it feels great to give!  Click here to donate to the Annual Fund!

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Liliana said...

I love it! How can anyone not be inspired by the "young philanthropists."