Monday, January 14, 2008

Greeters tell all

A great thing about Parker that guests notice and that I appreciate, is that when you visit a classroom, a "greeter" will come over to tell you what's going on. You'd think I would know what is going on at Parker from day to day, but even though the school is small, I rely on greeters, formal and informal to fill me in.

The weather has been crazy lately. Miriam is ready for anything, so she informed me, with ski coat, ear muffs, and an umbrella. Pre K had a pasta party on Friday with their buddies in 4-5. I got an invitation to that one, and lots of informative facts about pasta at the lunch: "I love pasta!" "I ate all mine!" "Ice cream and pasta are both the best."

2-3's have eggs in their classroom that have turned very rubbery while soaking in vinegar. I know they are rubbery because the 2-3's are constantly testing them - who could resist? Why are they soaking eggs? I'll need to ask the greeter.

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