Saturday, January 5, 2008

Winter is here; we're calling alumni

We're back! And everyone seems refreshed from a two week break. I have been remiss in my blogging entries! But camera issues and a wonderful vacation with family are over, and I will pick up the routine - although winter at Parker is never "routine!"

The amount of snow is really exciting! Winter Fridays afternoons have started. Skiers and snow boarders took off to hit the slopes; sports kids practiced their form at the bowling lanes, and dance moves and brain games kids jived to the beat. There was intense excitement for this winter ritual at assembly as announcers Kenan and Jasper donned ski goggles and Phil (without Jonah this week) filled everyone in on snow fun facts.

One of our goals this winter from the administrative and board level is to contact every Parker alumni. We sent letters in late December, and now we are following up with phone calls. The Board's Enrollment Committee are the callers, myself included.

Yesterday as I tried to reach people and left several messages, I did actually connect with a few Parker grads. It was great to talk to Kate from the class of 2003. She went to Hoosac School after Parker, was the captain of the lacrosse and soccer teams there, and is now a freshman at Lake Forest. She loves it! She's studying pre law and eventually wants to come back to New York to go to Columbia or Cornell for law school.

Then I got Aaron from the class of 1999 on his cell phone as he was boarding a train to a plane to New Hampshire for some blog work for the primary. He is in Washington D.C and is the coordinator of on-line communications for the One Campaign to fight global poverty. This non-profit organization was founded by Bono. Aaron writes the website, blog, and e- newsletters for them among other things and is active in Democratic politics. He went to Tufts and majored in political science and art history.

I feel inspired! I can't wait to connect with the other alumni on my list!

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