Monday, October 5, 2009

The reward

K-1's harvested their garden vegetables and herbs and prepared a harvest soup with 2-3's. There is a satisfaction about working in dirt and later eating the results! Starting a seed in a tiny cup and later finding a giant squash on the end of the vine is a wondrous experience.

This past week the school reaped the fruit of two years of work - our grant from N. Y. State for a Pilot Sustainable Energy Education Project came through! Former state Senator Joseph Bruno was instrumental in sending the funding our way. During the last year we were able to get our Energy Quest camps off the ground, begin clearing trails, and plan for energy studies throughout the curriculum.

Now we will build an outdoor pavilion classroom, revamp our science lab and add to the school's technology. We will also be able to get some of the more sophisticated materials for energy exploration. Recyclables have been great for experimenting, but our students will find even more demonstrable success with some of the science kits available.

Outreach is a big part of our future plans with exploration of energy and the environment. How satisfying to work so hard and finally see the reward!

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