Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day on the River

Snapshot Day on the Hudson: collecting water samples, testing for turbidity, salinity, and chlorophyll, identifying fish, sketching the view...Our 2-3 and 6-7 classes worked together in teams to gather data for this Hudson River estuary project. They will go back several times over the course of the year to compare their data. But today they were part of a larger effort sponsored by the Department of Conservation to celebrate the river and the unique estuary right in our own backyard. Click here for all the details about this project.

It was a beautiful fall day and everyone was mucking around in waders and boots. Parents helped man the stations. One comment I overheard was "This is the awesomest day. Ever!"

We were joined by two fishery biologists and a runner who took all of our data to a central collection point.

Other happenings today at school: Apple picking field trip for Pre K; 4-5's premiering the new cleaning song "Mice, Mice Make it Nice!" 8th graders watched a Spanish film and yesterday K-1's had a chicken visit in class!

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