Friday, October 16, 2009


Make It Clean Everywhere! That was our charge this morning. As part of the school's culture of responsibility and respect, we divided into 12 mixed-age MICE teams to dust, sweep, wash windows, and tidy up common areas of the school. We used vinegar water for cleaning and wore rubber gloves where needed. Laura Mandelson our Director of Admission and Development was the "Big Cheese" doing observational evaluations (do you see the word "value" within evaluation?)

Each team has a name that means mouse in a foreign language. The kids were diligent workers! One team finished early and pitched in with another team. Boy, do we look sparkly now!

We sang our MICE song. George wrote it, with a tune similar to the Beatles "Across the Universe," you can sing it too!

Mice, Mice, make it nice
Do your share and show you care
Pick up, clean up, take the time
Do your part and make it shine
At Parker School where neatness rules
Cleaning up is always cool...

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