Thursday, June 9, 2011

A beautiful Graduation

A few excerpts from 8th grade speeches:

Parker is an amazing place where people are allowed to grow and find themselves.

To all the teachers, you've helped me become a better person.  You have pushed me to do my best and helped me get into a great high school.  I'd like to thank you guys for not letting me fail middle school.  In 6th grade I never worked on ANYTHING and I never paid any attention to things that people say.  You've all helped me get to where I am now.

In my former school I only wrote 2-3 pages.  I guess I just had nothing to think about.  The interesting thing is that now I must have tons of things to think about because this year I wrote a 15 page long thesis.

Parker is a good place to grow up in.

Our speaker was current Albany High senior and Parker alumna, Abby.  Abby is a National Honor Society member and International Baccalaureate scholar who is heading off on a year-long exchange program in Turkey before enrolling at Haverford College in Pennsylvania.  She said: "The values I gained at Parker of community, respect, and trust have influenced who I have become today...I urge you to keep in mind that by embracing your values and experiences from Parker, you will succeed!"

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