Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sophia was a great Head-for-the-Day (her parents were the highest bidders in the Live Auction on Saturday.)  She greeted students in the front hall, pulled the alarm for the fire drill, and decreed an extra recess with popsicles for all.  In a bold move, Sophia delineated a proactive Crisis Protocol in the event of 11-year-old, Freddy the Frog's death - she decided that one of the K-1's frogs, Lippy, Tiny, Spotty, or Skippy could be promoted to Top Frog, with attendant greeting (and eating) duties.   

Sophia and friend Marissa joined me for lunch at Alexis Diner - a perk of the job that comes once annually during Head-for-the-Day.  We had fun!

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